Autumn Update: Initial Feedback, Cardiff and Illustrators Wanted

Compare Driving LessonsAutumn is finally here! It’s been a busy month or two for us with the impending launch of another mystery website, but we’ve also been working hard on improving Compare Driving. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Initial Feedback

We recently sent a newsletter out to our Bristol & Bath schools and had some really awesome feedback. Cheers, everyone – it’s given us loads of ideas on how to improve the website! By the way, if you’re a driving school or instructor in the Bristol & Bath area and still haven’t claimed your listing, be sure to do so here. You’ll be the first to gain access to our new features, including our shiny booking system.

We <3 Cardiff

Annigonol ydy un iaith! We’ve recently started adding Cardiff and surrounding area driving schools. We’ve still got a way to go (you might say there’s more than a few!), so if you’re a driving instructor in or near Cardiff and you’ve noticed you’re not yet listed, help us help you by adding your listing here. Diolch!

Followed Us? Now ‘Like’ Us

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Illustrators, We Need Your Help

We’re looking for someone with a creative eye to do some illustrative design for the website. We can’t promise hard cash, but we might be able to do some kind of skills swap, as we’ve got a whole bag of skills between us. Failing that, maybe we can buy you a pint or three. Interested? Tweet us.