More Updates, Fixes and Bug Swatting

photo-1472806426350-603610d85659You may have noticed the Compare Driving HQ been a bit quiet of late. After frantically trying to solve an issue with our domain name (which in turn caused us issues with our search, the backbone of our website!), we took a deep breath and knuckled down to put our latest fixes and updates into action. Most of these improvements are subtle but make the website much nicer to use.

  • Search results now look much more user-friendly with visible logos! This means instructors/schools can now upload their own logo and stand out in the results. As this is a new feature, almost everyone has the default Compare Driving logo at the moment… so if you are a driving instructor, this is your chance to get ahead of the competition! Find your school to add your logo.
  • We’ve completely redesigned school profile pages, adding the ability for schools to upload their logos and banner image. If you’ve already claimed your account, head over to your page to test the new features! If you haven’t claimed your account, now is a great time to do so.
  • The join process is now streamlined for schools/instructors. Fitter, happier. More productive. Well, mainly just simpler. (These improvements were based on your feedback, so thank you!)
  • We’ve added the ability for students to rate schools and leave comments. Who did you learn to drive with? Find them and leave them a rating or a review. Be polite but be honest – Compare Driving is about finding the best instructors, so your opinions are important.
  • We’ve tidied up some of the text errors on the website, such as aberrant pound signs.  Aberrant pound signs are the worst.
  • The website now uses an SSL certificate, meaning all your information is now encrypted and you can rest easy at night.
  • We fixed the ‘2’ car map bug. We had a small bug where clusters of schools in the same area wouldn’t appear as a car icon, but as a number. We’ve squashed that bug good and proper.

That’s all for now, but we’ve got more things up our sleeve over the next few weeks. For now, please tell your friends about this website and encourage them to give us feedback. Drive safe!