Introducing Devs Assemble

Welcome! We’re Devs Assemble.

By day, we’re designers, developers and dabblers at a digital agency. By night, we assemble (duh) and use our diverse abilities to work on projects of our own, honing our skills and hopefully scoring a few wins along the way.

Devs Assemble formed after one of our many trips to Bristol’s fine drinking establishments. Like many groups of slightly inebriated folk, we believed we had enough good ideas to impress a hoard of Dragon’s Den investors. Unlike most groups, however, we realised we had an edge: between us, we had the skills to make some of these ideas actually come to fruition.

Although the content of our projects varies tremendously, we use the same approach. We seek problems (there are problems everywhere). When we’ve found an interesting one, we get together to create a solution, be it a website, app or—occasionally—something else entirely. Then we test, try and learn. When our solutions aren’t original, we make sure they’re better. AltaVista and Yahoo! were search engines before Google, but that didn’t stop Larry Page and Sergey Brin coming out with the best solution of all.

Not that we’re as epic as Google, of course. We’re just a group of friends creating for fun, and we know many of our projects will never get off the ground or simply fail. But we hope you’ll join us on our adventures to have a stab at some cool stuff. We’ll be documenting our successes (and flops!) along the way on our blog, so stick around for the ride!